No. 385: Lessons At Beagle Lake

There's a new project on the horizon -- a fairly long Chancellor Cop story called Lessons At Beagle Lake. It's a story I've been wanting to tell for a few years now, a story of innocence and death and hickory trees etc. My only goal is to actually finish it. The "fragments" I've been building up for so long are starting to eat away at me. I want to do a self-contained story. I've got to do something before my fingers and genitals turn to dust. It will most likely slowly trickle in some form on this blog. Serialization. I am a web cartoonist now. I've only inked a few pages but they're coming.

Salt Mines issues 1 and 2, The Thirties issue 1, Spooked Horse Skips A Grade, and Alone in the Throneroom are all being laid out in InDesign. Funds for printing them are nonexistent but they exist in the digital computore world. I'm hoping I'll get to print them some day.

Just thought I'd use some words.



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