No. 412: Who Am I Speaking To?

PRODUCTION DIARY, FALL 1937. I've been working on a comic lately that is really meant as a minicomic and I would feel awkward posting pages from it before it's done. So there will probably be little content in this space for a while. This comic is basically a musical. I've always wanted to read a Disney musical in comics form. I know it's usually annoying to read song lyrics in comics but I can't resist doing this. I'm really excited about it, which is a huge rarity for me. I've penciled 17 pages in a few weeks, steadily working on them, which is also a huge rarity for me. Hopefully it will not be overly obnoxious as a musical; I don't think it particularly feels like one. It just has songs in it, so far about spring, birds, and decaying dogs. Later, probably in the second issue, there will be a song about being a horse boy, tending to horses and keeping them fed. Still lots of characters wandering in environments but I think I'm (slowly) learning how to control it. I'm just really drawn to characters standing on an invisible vaudeville stage. It will be the downfall of me. I've been spending a lot of time looking out the window at birds lately. For some reason many beautiful blue-jays and robin red breasts visit this disgusting treeless lawn. I've discovered they are really mean and vulgar, sort of how I imagine rats to be. They fight each other and swallow insects like rascals. So the birds in "Trouble At Beagle Lake" are very hostile and mean. They wear gangster hats and speak like deese and dose river men. They sing beautifully, though, naturally.


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