No. 449: Horror of the Gag

My computer has suffered an unfortunate (temporary??) death, so updates might continue to be slow for the near future. I will pepper the blog with real-life pictures of comics and drawings until I can successfully use a scanner again. How frustrating and depressing is the frailty of machines! Maybe the problem is that I think of myself as some sort of 1970s Woody Allen creature, desperately trying to put on my seatbelt but getting tangled in it instead. Maybe it's time to stop thinking these unhealthy thoughts and get a job at the Campbell's soup factory. As far as comics go, I'm having a good time penciling page after page, semi-dreading the day when I have to ink them all. Sometimes, in the night, I look at my wall of filth and dream of being a better cartoonist and person.


There is nothing so horrific as the horror of the gag. --Carl Barks



Blogger Love Blisters Factory said...


you are a great cartoonist stop beating your self up. your really good and that is that

July 29, 2010 at 11:29 AM  

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