No. 487: Calling All Artists, Come On Out to Burbank and Show Us What You Can Do

Did Uncle Remus’ beautiful bluebirds tell you? I am working on a minicomic anthology about WALT DISNEY. So far a bountiful wealth of quality contributors are planned, and I am still on the lookout for more. If YOU would like to be one of them, please e-mail me at danenitram@gmail.com. I would be honored! The focus is on Walt Disney the man but comics on his product are welcome, too. The physical size of the book will be 8 ½ x 11; the page count is up to you.

I am planning on sending a long e-mail to contributors soon, attempting to get people excited about WALT DISNEY. I’m not sure when the book will be released. I want its creation to happen slowly and organically.


Unca Dane


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