No. 291: Waiting by the Window for the Chocolate Birthday Star




I'm feeling very nervous and crazy on this beautiful Sunday night. What does the future hold for this little idiot?

Recently the artists I've been thinking about most are John Stanley, George Carlson, Carl Barks, Peter Saul, Rod Scribner, Harold Gray, Blaise Larmee, Saul Steinberg, Sam Gaskin, Frank King, Jose Luis-Olivares, Ken Dahl, Zach Van Hazard, Jim Woodring, Seth, Al Columbia, Bobby London, Dan O'Neil, Kevin Huizenga, Marc Bell, James Thurber, Jason T. Miles, and Gary Panter. I'm posting this list because I'm more confused about my tastes than I should be. I think it lies somewhere between honest comic book dumb animal energy and pretentious Gary Panter Fort Thunder garbage. I don't know. Maybe it will develop itself as I mature and grow like a white little Sunday pig.

I'm trying to do more writing on this blog. I'm sorry for that. I think I'm getting a new robot friend computer machine within the next couple of weeks, so updates might be more frequent and the images may be more clear. As it is each post is a gamble. Usually the computer breaks before I can post anything. I think it's from 1997.

Good luck with all your endeavors and affairs!

COMING SOON: More "The Thirties"



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