No. 387: Delights

I usually don't do this sort of thing here, out of fear of twisting my words and making lies come out, but I wanted to take a second to recommend some things I have been really enjoying lately. First of all, I've been reading the blog Co-mix since its very first post, and even then I knew it would be something special. Smart and exciting words about comics and other things. Definitely worth your watchful eye. I love how ridiculously angry a lot of the people in the comments section are. I don't really know where that anger is coming from. But it's fascinating to me.

Another blog that has been inspiring me lately is New Feelings by Scott Longo. These comics are unlike anything I've ever seen before. I can't articulate what makes them so great, but I have a feeling Mr. Longo will become a very well known cartoonist before next year's February. These are completely engrossing, complex comics that look like they are made of cotton candy and moon dust. They make me feel pleasant. At first they look like non-comics collages or something, but it's a really satisfying experience to find, once you start reading, that they are completely readable and as much like a comic strip as you can get. I am also really impressed at how prolific Scott seems to be. It seems like these type of comics are most effective when there is a huge quantity of it to swim in.

Pacolli hits that "weird funny animal" spot in just the right way. I could look at her drawings all day. A huge part of my brain, a much bigger part than I would like, is completely fueled by "Disney characters riding skateboards and winking at the sun" type of imagery that I should probably think less about but can't get away from. Pacolli's drawings definitely indulge those thoughts. You have to respect someone who can draw a good dog snout.

Another great drawer is Andrew Smith. I guess it would be easy to label this cartoonist as "primitive art meets Robert Crumb" or something equally stupid. That only begins to scratch the surface. I can't stop looking at SAUSAGEHAND and Mr. Smith's blog. Imagery that sooths the brain. His characters move around the page in the best way. Not in an obvious way. I think there is much to be learned from the pages of SAUSAGEHAND.

The last person I would like to celebrate/worship is Max Clottfelter. I have never held any of Mr. Clottfelter's comics in my hand, but his blog is one of my favorite blogs in the world. I love scrolling down it and letting the beauty of the drawings soak in. I guess an easy comparison would be Jim Woodring but that is only scraping at the surface. I can't think of a better person to compare anyone to. I want to read a Bible-sized book drawn by this man.

Hugh Lofting needs to be investigated, also. I am reading Doctor Dolittle's Garden right now and it's massaging my scalp. Amazing. I imagine reading it on the internet is not the same as the beautiful/creepy 1920s edition I got at the library, but you can do so here.

The scanner I use wasn't working for weeks, until today. I have no idea why this was so. It kept printing the same cryptic ink stains over and over, and refusing to print. But today was different. So new scraps soon.


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