No. 456: I SAID the Future's Dim, Daddy

I've been thinking about the way I approach the blog. If I ever get regular computer access again, you can expect a trickling of images on a regular basis, less obnoxious text. Have to keep those doodle hounds fed.

Lately I've been finishing up some things for anthologies and comics newspapers, plus I'm deep in Beagle Lake and other things. My room is a boathouse and my overpriced disposable markers are my long, threatening oars.

I've just been reading Walt Holcombe comics and dreaming of beauty! That's the way.

I am also working on a comic book "anthology" (weird word) about the man Walt Disney. If I have not invited you and you'd like to contribute a 1-page 8 1/2 x 11 comic, I would be honored. Please let me know at danenitram@gmail.com, and we'll discuss. Pay is nothing and prestige is low.



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