No. 513: The Decisions We Make

I am working on a minicomic called DANE MARTIN'S PURITY. Issue 1 is a little less than half-finished. It is the story of the decay of Chancellor Dog and the rise of Chancellor Cop. It could be a CGI motion picture starring Justin Timberlake. Don't misunderstand the power of the gag.

Also in the works is an ongoing "webcomic" maybe maybe.

I am going to take this opportunity to mention that many people have given me beautiful Walt Disney comics for my Walt Disney anthology comic book event, to be "published" sometime next year. Right now I am particularly stricken with the Disney comics of Leslie Weibeler and Jeff Lok. Leslie's story captures the spirit of the Disney unages in a perfect and mind-altering way, and Jeff's vision of the Walt legacy makes my heart twitch and cringe with horror and delight. Thank you to everyone who has sent something so far.

When whipperwhills come whisking by
And olive seedpods own the sky,
That’s when daddy says to me,
“I want your eyes so I can see.
I want your tongue so I can taste.
I want your throat hole and your waist.
I’ll grind you into putty paste.”
I don’t question daddy’s way.
I know he made me who I am to-day.
Juh-la, juh-la, juh-la, juh-leese.
Daddy made me king of disease.


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Somehow, a few weeks ago I moved to Chicago, and I currently live in a magical apartment with a group of cartoonists. I have been doodling steadily and may post those laborfruits soon. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Dane Martin
Nephew of the USA