No. 627: The Sincere Advertisements

The time has come for me to do a round-up of some anthologies I've been in recently. I always feel awkward writing things like this, but it is my invisible duty.

I have a page in Josh Bayer's great Nancy-themed comic SUSPECT DEVICE. I really love looking through this comic and I recommend purchasing it if you have even the slightest love for Bushmiller's empty little girl. There's a new blog here.

I have a two-page spread in Desert Island's new Smoke Signal #10, which has a heartwarming John Severin cover. I feel like I have just begun starting to truly appreciate more "realistic" cartoonists like Severin (growing up or getting worse?), so seeing this cover came at a right time for me. My story is a spread of six strips revealing a half-story about teachers and sex and ducks with bright eyes. I'm not putting this story on the internet, so it's fresh as a newborn calf babe. You can order a copy here.

I also just sent off the files for my contribution the new issue of Lumpen, number 117, which is always a treat. It's Chicago-specific but copies are available on their website, I think. I also just finished three drawings for a Jeremy Matthew Daly zine.

More things are on the horizon. I'm trying to steadily contribute to anthologies here and there and maybe sprout into a real boy. Also, a 48-page (or so) comic book of mine is right around the corner, if my brain can work right. I think I'm going to take a depressing walk in the Michigan midnight now.

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