No. 283: Presents On Thanksgiving


No. 282: The Tears of History


No. 281: Presenting Walt and Ubbe


No. 280: Behind the Scenes with Cop and Dog


No. 279: Everything!


No. 278: Too Many Words

The first minute or so of this cartoon is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It gets pretty boring after a while, but that first minute is golden. That's exactly what I want to do in comics. It's right there in a bland Disney cartoon. Nasily operatic woman singing beautiful things. I guess it's easy to look at this as Disney ruining another children's classic, but look at those clouds and listen to that voice and take it all in. It's nauseating, isn't it?? It's great! Give it a try.

I'm still serializing issue one of my comic book. I'm also working on issue number two, subtitled "We Work for Our Fruit and We Work for Our Poison, Too." It might end up being indistinguishable from issue 1 in every way. So far it includes lecturing birds, melting birds, sexual birds, and fathers of birds regretting their sins in heaven's pastures. Hopefully it will be done somewhat soon but who's keeping track of these things?

Secret publishing plans ahead; I'll keep you posted. Google Analytics tells me that at least two people in the whole world read this on a regular basis and I'm counting on you two beautiful people for my survival! I know you're out there.

Update -- Famous Uncle Scrooge McBuck informed me that the Salt Mines link was broken, but it's now fixed. Thanks, sir!



No. 277: And the Comics Shall Always Bloom

Readers! I've decided to post a page of Salt Mines #1 every day on a separate blog, and then hopefully I'll keep going with Salt Mines #2 and onwards. This is probably a mistake but I can't afford to print any minicomics right now and I need to feel like I'm not standing still in the comics mud pit and rotting. The plan right now is to eventually take them off the internet and offer them as proper minicomics as intended, but this seems right to me for now. We'll see how it goes.

The new blog is HERE. I'll still continue to update this blog with doodles and tidbits.



(P.S. The picture above features a real life SALT MINE!)


No. 276: Recommended Viewing


Don't miss this.



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No. 274: A House Divided