No. 571: We Got By

No. 570: The Carpet Man

No. 569: Paper Puppets

No. 568: Nervous Stories


No. 567: Pornographic Comic

No. 566: Antique Pleasure

No. 565: Cop and Dog, Page 5 Preview


No. 564: The Drawing Man Sits and He Draws What Hurts and the Drawing Man Sits Where the Sun Starts to Hurt Because Deep in the Room Where the Window Is There's A Pain in the Sun Where the Sunbeam Is

No. 563: Pushing Paper

Readers! If you will be attending MoCCA this weekend, I have stories in two comic books that you can find there. The first is SUNDAYS 4, edited by Charles Forsman with Sean Ford, Alex Kim, and Joseph Lambert. I contributed a vague story about sex change. I have not seen the book yet but it looks to be of the highest quality. If you are not going to be in New York, you may soon order a copy of the book HERE for $10.

I also have a story in the Melissa Mendes and Jose-Luis Olivares-edited anthology KIDS. My story within is not fun or cute or accessible or healthy but it does have a hobo with a tie. (he's in charge) That comic can also be ORDERED on the internet.

Thank you for bearing with these advertisements. I don't have scanner access right now, but when that day comes, I am planning on serializing a story that my new life location (Michigan again) has inspired me to finally try to draw and work at with concentration and diligence. Maybe it is my "graphic novel," my Maus, my Craig Thompson fun-in-the-sun sweetcorn booth carnival show. Or maybe it isn't. If I ever go to a comics convention again, maybe they will put me in the webcomics section.

Too much comics inbreeding in this post. I have soaked up the language of too many blogs!

Nephew Daner

P.S. Wake up at 6:30 AM, drink a sody pop at 9:00 AM, watch the animals fight across the street. That is the life all children were meant to have.