No. 684: The Loneliest King

No. 683: Pumpers


No. 682: The 'Lectro Solvent, Part One

No. 681: Guest Freddy

Melissa Mendes' Freddy has dignity. She doesn't let the world tighten her shoulder strap. The Freddy dailies are something to behold. I drew this guest strip a few days ago. I probably shouldn't have made it so "weird," but I wanted to draw a blank-eyed taste so plum badly I could taste it all over. Freddy often has great moments where she is hugging various animals and humans and objects and I tried to clumsily pay homage to that. I originally drew this with colored pencils, but I got rid of the color on the computer because it looked all wrong. It looked like a young child colored in a Silly Symphony in the news-pape in 1933, and it faded in an abandoned sandbox hole for generations.

No. 680: Furniture Stories

No. 679: Garbage Girls (& other stories)

No. 678: The Boardinghouse Reach, Part Two

 boardinghouse reach (plural boardinghouse reaches)
  1. The ability to reach a long distance across a table to get desired food.
    He developed his boardinghouse reach in the oil fields.

  2. The act of reaching across a table to get desired food, often considered poor etiquette because it invades others’ personal space.


No. 677: Denied Fruit

This ran as a spread in Smoke Signal #10.

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No. 676: The Boardinghouse Reach, Part One


No. 675: The Trust Business 5

No. 674: The Trust Business 4

No. 673: The Trust Business 3

No. 672: The Trust Business 2

No. 671: The Trust Business 1

No. 670: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 44

No. 669: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 43

No. 668: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 42

No. 667: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 41

No. 666: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 40

No. 665: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 39

No. 664: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 38

No. 663: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 37