No. 614: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 12

No. 613: Daily Outrage

No. 612: King Where It Counts

No. 611: Autobiographical Trading Card Series

No. 610: Do Not Be Ashamed of the Hunt

No. 609: The People Who Are Not There

No. 608: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 11


No. 607: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 10

No. 606: This Old House

No. 605: What Do You Fear?

No. 606: Tasks

No. 605: Desperate and Liking It

No. 605: BGK


No. 604: Cover Me In Dew

No. 603: New Cartoon Booklet

No. 602: Merchandise


No. 601: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 9

No. 600: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 8

(  Special milestone post )
( Six hundred times )

No. 599: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 7

No. 598: Chancellor Cop and Chancellor Dog 6

No. 597: Sweet Adeline Comics


No. 596: The Purity Product

I now have a 28-page zine full of drawings, doodles, and comics called PURITY. It is published by Spanish publisher Trineo Editions. There are 150 copies. Click HERE to order one!

I also have a new webstore. You may order FUN PAKS, which are envelopes full of at least 5 pieces of original art in the form of scraps, doodles, and other things. Also available is original comic art, and custom art of your own. I would very much appreciate your business, as I am jobless as usual and I need a golden goose or a gander to improve my quality of brain.

I am an auntie prenure, brave and bold.