No. 657: The Best Possible Friends

No. 656: TO HELL (Failed Nib Experiment)

No. 655: The Kartoon Image

As I continue to post Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog panels, you will notice they are ruff and unpolished. I have not erased pencil lines or fixed mistakes or solidified the language. It seems right to put unfinished things on a blog, and I'm following that star. Scrips and scraps, that's what I believe in. Meanwhile I am finishing up things for way too many anthologies and I'm trying to stay calm and not lose it permanently. I refuse to lose faith in the kartoon image.

No. 654: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 31

No. 653: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 30

No. 652: Boardinghouse (SPENDING TIME 2)

No. 651: Caper (SPENDING TIME 1)

No. 650: Angel

No. 649: Reproduce


No. 648: Chancellor Cop & Chancellor Dog 29

No. 647: Businesswoman

No. 646: The Trust Business

No. 645: Plantation Fits


No. 644: Cop Trust


No. 643: Dolled Up For the Docks

No. 642: Interview

No. 641: Freddy Stories

Cartoonist Melissa Mendes was so kind as to send me a copy of her book Freddy Stories, which is one of my favorite comics right now. The main character is a “spunky youth” in the tradition of Addie Loggins or Little Orphan Annie or Madeline, probably my favorite type of character. I highly recommend the book. One day I found myself doodling some of the Freddy characters. I hope this is OK. I’m not a fan art sort of person but how could I resist drawing Uncle Sully’s hand curves.

No. 640: The Sketchbook Lingers





No. 637: Internet Presence Nausea

I started a new website, for those of you into that sort of thing. It has some pages of comics and drawings that you can scroll down endlessly until you can't take it anymore. It can be found at www.danecharlesmartin.tk.

No. 636: Tom Wilson R.I.P.

No. 635: Cartoons

No. 634: The Sketchbook Seduces